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Established in the year 1989, Vibhava’s range of high quality products are making housekeeping easier, happier & healthier. The company manufactures and markets excellent quality cleaning products that are helping millions to keep their homes & premises, clean & hygienic.

Company Standards 

Vibhava stands best brand in the Karnataka and a well known brand in whole south and west India.The networking of the Vibhava is an extra advantage for continuous supply of the products. As the manufacturing unit is situated in the center place of west and south India i.e. in HUBLI.

  • Vibhava follows highest quality manufacturing standards for all its products.
  • The manufacturing  facility confirms to WHO recommended GMP standards.
  • Brooms are manufactured using the best quality Mizoram/Garo hill grass and virgin plastic handles.
  • It has world class “Cold Storage” to maintain grass quality throughout  the year.

Pioneers in

  • 1st company to give plastic handle for brooms.
  • 1st company to provide laminate cover for brooms.
  • 1st company to brand brooms and setup facility for mass production.
  • Only company to store grass in cold storage.
  • Only company using both, skilled labour & pneumatic press machine for broom manufacturing.
  • 1st company to introduce Pine oil based, natural fragrance oil cleaner.



Brooms Yearly

800+ Employees

Annual Turnover of 120 Crores

Our Highlights

  • First India’s largest Broom manufacturing company to launch Brooms in organised segment, provide plastic handle & laminate covers for Broom.

  • Manufactures 15 million Brooms per annum & 5 million litres of premium floor cleaner.

  • One of the largest manufacturers of Black Phenyle as per GMP and ISI standard & Only company in South India to manufacture Gr.I, Gr.II, Gr. III phenyle.

  • Completely owned 1,00,000 square foot manufacturing facility with 450 skilled workers & 202 Marketing staff spanning across South and Western India.

  • More than 24 Depots/ warehouses, 714 distributors servicing 1,20,000 retail outlets with bulk supply to Indian Railways, Govt. of Karnataka, Govt. of Maharashtra, TTD Tirupati, Shirdi SaibabaTemple.. etc. with Annual Turnover of 120 Cr.


Nandakumar H N, CEO

Nandakumar H N


Achyut Limaye


Uday Badkar



Vithal Gambhir

Director – Marketing

Dattatreya Ratan

Director – Finance

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